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Adam Sevani Interview
Interview by Eleni
Interview date: April/May 2008

Name: Adam Sevani
Career: Actor, Dancer
IMDb page: imdb.com/name/nm2735044
Msypace Page: http://www.myspace.com/me_with_that_purrty_girl

Adam Sevani
Hey Adam! So you�re a dancer. How did you get into that?
Basically I grew up around dance and art. Where I live, it�s more commercial and arty than sporty. My dad was a professional dancer so I got into it.
How old were you when you started dancing?
About 3 years old.

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What are the best parts/worst parts of dancing?
I think there are no worst parts! Except back aches, the best part is that it�s a good feeling!
What is your favourite type of dance?
I do all sorts of dance, but free styling is my favourite; just letting my body move to the music.
Is there any type of dance that you don�t like?
River dance!
Through dancing, you landed an acting role on Step up 2. Are you interested in acting?
I�ve been acting as well as dancing. People think that that was the first time I�ve acted, but I�ve been acting for about 4 years. It�s fun to finally be able to do something I can do!
So do you prefer acting or dancing?
I think they�re both equal right now! I love doing both!
Was it really competitive on the set of Step Up 2?
It was really relaxed and fun. Everyone was saying jokes and cracking up. It was just so much fun! I miss it so much!
If you could relive one moment on set, which would it be?
The rain scene! The adrenaline is going and your heart is pumping and the rain is falling and you�re surrounded by great dancers!

Adam at the Step up 2 premier
What was the audition process like for the role of Moose?
Basically Robert Hoffman told me about Step Up 2 over the phone and told me that there might be a part for me. I made a video at my house of me dancing and he sent it into the director. The director liked me and so I went to audition my acting and they hired me.
So are you looking to further your acting career or your dancing career?
Definitely my acting! Dancing is something I love to do but I think it�s not something that I would want to do for the rest of my life. I think dancing is a hobby and acting is the profession I�d like to have.
Have you ever/will you ever choreograph music videos?
I actually choreographed NLT�s new video but I wouldn�t choreographed everyone�s music video. I�d have to really like the song.
Who would be your ideal person to choreograph for?
Madonna, Justin Timberlake�Michael Jackson would be the best!
You and Jon Chu recently challenged the Miley and Mandy show to a dance off. Whose idea was that?
Well basically we were sitting at my house and we were watching videos and we saw the Miley and Mandy Show and I told him, �this makes no sense�they�re just laughing through the whole video��and I was like why don�t we challenge them to an online battle? And we started filming there and then. He and a dancer of Miley�s contacted each other and talked about the idea and then as soon as they said yes, we started hiring dancers! It was weird! It happened so fast!
Were you surprised by the reactions received and the support?
Yeah! It was crazy!
Were you impressed by their video?
I don�t know�you tell me who you think won!
There are rumours that you�re interested in Miley Cyrus. Care to clear that up?
We�re just friends. Nothing more.
People mention you�re part Armenian. Is that true?
Yeah! I�m part Armenian and part Italian. I have blood from everywhere!

Car- Audi R8
Food- Sushi
Candy- Gummy bears!
Ice cream- Peanut Butter or rocky road
TV show- Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Website- this fashion website that I check every day
Movie- National Lampoons go on Vacation

So you must get a lot of attention from the girls! That must be nice�
It�s a nice thing. Luckily I haven�t had any stalkers yet�I had some girls follow me to my house which was a bit weird but nothing serious�
What do you look for in a girl?
Just a really cool, down to earth, funny girl who likes similar things to me.
So are you currently single?
Yeah I am.
So what would be your ideal date?
Go to the gummy bear factory, and then go to the chocolate factory to pour chocolate on the gummy bears, as we fly to France for some lunch and then we fly back to Tokyo for dinner and then we fly to LA for dessert.
What would be your worst date?
Just when there�s not chemistry and we don�t have anything in common and she�s a super vegetarian who only eats lettuce and tomatoes!
Who would be your perfect date [celebrity crush]?
Scarlett Johansson.
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Fun. Outgoing. Earnest.
If you were a super hero, who would you be?
What if I am a super hero and you don�t know that yet? Nah�I�d be super man! He has style! Have you seen his hair? And his shoes match his outfit�
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
I would love to go underwater...I�d love to go scuba diving! Or just to have a house underwater or something like that�
What are your hobbies?
I love to make music, I love to play drums�I love to paint�I just love the creative stuff! And of course everything a regular kid does�with some gummy bears in my left hand!
How do you have time for everything?
Trust me�I have plenty of time!
Are you home schooled?
Yeah I am. So that gives me some more time to do other stuff.

If you were stuck on a desert island with only three things, what would they be? [assuming you had food and water]
My family to keep my company, gummy bears and my iPod to have something to do.
Tell me secrets about yourself!
I have a scar on the top of my left eye. I have three dogs. I don�t have an alarm clock. My body wakes up when it�s the right time. And of course I have an obsession with gummy bears.
What do you find more boring than watching paint dry?
Watching the Tila Tequila show on MTV.
What�s the most disgusting thing you�ve had in your mouth?
I used to eat spiders when I was younger�
How would you survive a crocodile attack?
I guess I�d poke it�s eyes out�
Do you have a myspace? If yes, what is it?
I do. It�s http://www.myspace.com/me_with_that_purrty_girl . It�s hard for me to reply but if you have a really important question, I�ll reply back!


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1 junior junior | E-mail | 16. dubna 2011 v 16:29 | Reagovat

big up bbro will try singing?

2 Me_and_that_purrty_girl Me_and_that_purrty_girl | 18. června 2011 v 18:09 | Reagovat

I love Adam so much. <3 one day we will get married. 8-) you willl see :D you allll willl seeeee. :-D

3 blue eyez1999 blue eyez1999 | E-mail | 23. července 2011 v 18:25 | Reagovat

omg i love you :-P

4 danny danny | E-mail | Web | 5. srpna 2011 v 18:25 | Reagovat

dude you're the BEST dancer please carry on dancing youre sick

5 Alessandro Silva Alessandro Silva | E-mail | Web | 11. srpna 2011 v 16:22 | Reagovat

Hello Adam, I live in Brazil and I really admire.
I never tire of seeing Step Up 2 just to imitate you in the you move up the ladder dancing. Know that you have many admirers in Brazil and I'm proud to be one of them. My name is Alessandro and like you I admire Michael.
I do not want to take your time, I can not express my happiness here because I spend hours in front of the PC but I express her dancing too.
I'm not as good as you, but I have a "Brazilian swing" that allows me to dance!
Well, that's it for today and tomorrow I will visit again. Congratulations for great success.

Sorry for English mistakes, I do not know speak very well, I hope you understand. :-D

6 Mara Mara | E-mail | Web | 22. srpna 2011 v 8:26 | Reagovat

Very nice page. Love Adam. He's a great actor and dancer. Are u interested in an affiliation with my fansite?!
Have a nice day. Mara

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8 KayKay KayKay | 23. prosince 2011 v 11:56 | Reagovat

I really love Adam! He is the greatest dancer. He has really inspired me too dance! I love dancing Thanx Adam you're the best! :-)  :-D  8-)  :D

9 Andrea-Jaye Andrea-Jaye | 23. prosince 2011 v 18:29 | Reagovat

Adam my cousin really loves you! But whats not too love you are fantastic! Know she really loves you and so do I sometimes we fight about you! hahahah just kidding! But you really are awesome

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20 Brenda Brenda | 25. července 2012 v 9:01 | Reagovat

Im a huge fan.  I love your dancing :-D I can'tl wait to see you dance and act.

21 Daniela Marie Figueroa Daniela Marie Figueroa | E-mail | 28. července 2012 v 4:41 | Reagovat

Hello my name is Daniela and I think your a great person and I'm schock that almost all the things that u like I like but I don't like suchi but I do eat fish I love to dance all day it's like my life and I love gummy bears thay are so good :) and well I hope to see u one day and your a great dancer ;)

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29 Sheajah Weight Sheajah Weight | E-mail | 2. března 2013 v 13:50 | Reagovat

I have never loved some one so much in my entire life !!! we love the same things (especially those magnificent Gummi Bears) I love to dance so much I never sit still dance is my life and when i see you it inspires me even more !! , I cry everytime i see you on screen i would love to meet you,it's on my bucket list. Please email back xx :-(

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32 Anastasia S Anastasia S | E-mail | 20. října 2013 v 17:55 | Reagovat

Hello Adam. I live in Belarus. Maybe, you don't know this country. Many people know you in all world. Many people know you in Belarus and I happy, that I'm one of them. I admire your dancing and it makes me dance. I hope someday to meet you. It's silly dreams, but still want to see you.
I apologize for my English. I don't speak well, but I hope you understand me. :-)

33 Partywear saree Partywear saree | E-mail | Web | 31. října 2013 v 5:13 | Reagovat

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34 Mr_Rustik Mr_Rustik | E-mail | 2. prosince 2013 v 14:39 | Reagovat

I`m from Uzbekistan I`m your big fan, Adam. You`re the best dancer. :-)  I try to look like you. I respect you so much :-)  :-)  :-)

35 Judie Cruz Judie Cruz | E-mail | 15. září 2015 v 12:36 | Reagovat

I'm from the Philippines. So if I had the chance to ask you questions, it would be... Do you want me to buy you packs of gummy bears? If you'd have a relationship, does age matter? Lastly, if you were stranded in a country, what country would it be? Thank you :-D

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